Eduroam is an academic network enabling mobility of users between different institutions, participating in this program. User, having a user account in his home institution, may connect to this network in all institutions, connected to this network. For more information about Eduroam, and the list of connected institution, refer to the Eduroam portal at www.eduroam.cz.

The Biological center is connected to Eduroam since the beginning of September 2008. It means that since that moment all users having a user account in our institution may connect to Eduroam in all connected institutions and vice versa. At the moment of the introduction in September, only common facilities, where conferences, meetings, or seminars are held (congress hall with the adjacent rooms including the room with the staircase to the library, buffet with the meeting room, and the meeting rooms in the individual buildings) were covered with the signal. Now, the coverage is constantly improving.

To connect to Eduroam, you need a computer equipped with a Wireless network adapter, and a user account. For BC employees, use the form here to request the creation of a user account. For external users, obtain your account in your home institution.

The instructions for connecting the computer to Eduroam (will be gradually provided for other operating systems) are to be used only by users, having BC user accounts. External users have to use instructions provided by their respective home institution. The way of connecting depends on the certificates used for authentication.

The technical data for the connection are the following:

SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA
Encryption: TKIP
(The settings you have used “at home” should work.)

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